About Me

“Among the greatest of all services is the education of children, and promotion of the various sciences, crafts and arts.”

When asked where I am from, I often struggle to find a single answer to that question. I was born in Iran, and raised in the Philippines and Canada. Later on, after getting married and finishing my university education, I moved with my family to the Emirates where I found my passion for teaching.

Finally, for the last 15 years I have been living in mainland China and Hong Kong. Again, where I am from, you might ask? The Earth is my country!

Why I do what I do.

Service Projects

To help others to give selflessly, freely and generously of your time, your resources, your energy and your heart is of paramount importance in life. Our inner human reality, our spiritual essence, even our fundamental happiness, all hinge on our dedication to the service of others.

More and more research is showing that when one focuses on service to others, it not only builds closeness and interdependence, friendship and joy amongst people, but it also brings about kindness ,love and unity within communities.


A library is indispensable to any educational institution. Helping to sponsor a public school library in Blantyre, Malawi was a blessing for our family.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”

Outreach Program

Research has shown that children need about 4-6 involved, caring adults in their lives to fully develop emotionally and socially.  What better way to address this need than to reach out to our elderly community for that intergenerational connection? These weekly visits to the elderly homes bring so much meaning and purpose to our life as we grow into adulthood. 

Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of a nation.” 

-Margaret Mead



Nazli, our son’s fourth grade teacher in Hong Kong, noticed differences in his learning from an early point in the year. She balanced teaching skills with providing compassionate support to both improve his academic standing, and his self-esteem. Her unwavering understanding of his core capabilities, and her fundamental belief in a collaborative approach, helped provide a platform for him to improve and find success in the day to day, particularly during a year of interruptions due to the pandemic.

- Parent | Erin Donahue, Hong Kong



It's hard to properly convey how truly thankful we are for Nazli. Nazli works with three of our children (ages 12, 11, and 7), who are all very different learners. In the beginning, her extensive educational background was apparent as she quickly pinpointed the children's individual strengths and areas to improve upon. She then created comprehensive learning plans based on her assessments and discussions with the children about their passions and interests. Her ability to connect with kids is impressive as she creates a dynamic where the kids are eager to meet her very high expectations while simultaneously building their self-confidence. I was worried that after a long day of school, the children would complain about working on their "special" projects with Miss Nazli but they never do. The children all see Miss Nazli as a coach, who has their best interests in mind. I'm so grateful that we have such a partner in learning. Nazli is making our kids the learners that we know they can be. 




Ms. Nazli’s unique teaching style had a positive impact on my learning by helping me grow not only as a student but also as a person. For example, in Maths, she always encouraged me to show my work in different ways. In previous years, I had always been taught that the most efficient way to solve a math problem was to use the standard algorithm. However, Ms. Nazli helped me understand that other strategies, such as the area model or the number line, are more effective and easier to understand than the standard algorithm. In addition, she taught me how to take notes while I read. I used to think that taking notes was a waste of time, but she helped me understand that taking notes is super important for comprehending the text. Lastly, Ms. Nazli helped me grow in my character. She was constantly referring back to her character traits chart. For instance, she always emphasized having a growth mindset. She always pushed me to do more when I didn’t feel challenged enough and reminded me to have perseverance when things were too challenging. She even taught our class manners! To conclude, Ms. Nazli was an amazing teacher. I will always appreciate her unique teaching style and I hope her students will benefit from her and learn the skills that I learned from her.




Mrs. Nazli has helped me a lot as a learner. She has changed the way I look at things. She has encouraged me to tap into my traits of self-discipline, and self-motivation. Now when I do my task, I work not to just finish my work but to keep on going and ask myself how can I improve. In the time span that I have worked with Mrs. Nazli, she has changed the way I approach a problem and how I solve it. I am very thankful for Mrs. Nazli because she has helped me go from not only remembering but to analyzing and evaluating the information that's given to me (Bloom’s taxonomy 101 ).




Ms. Nazli helped me grow as a person and as a student by teaching me to show my work. To look at things differently, to persevere through hardships, and always to challenge myself.




Ms. Nazli is an amazing teacher. She is my son’s mentor. My son describes her as his lifelong teacher which brings him to a whole different level when learning. It is so encouraging to see this progress as a parent.